Soft Transfer

- hardly perceptible -

With a soft-transfer the ink penetrates completely into the fabric leaving a hardly perceptible layer of ink on the fabric. A characteristic feature of this transfer is its soft, elastic and durable surface. Ideally, it is applied on absorbent, elastic cotton or cotton blend fabric or other natural fibres which are suitable for an ironing temperature of 200°C.

Optimum results are achieved on light backgrounds. On coloured or dark backgrounds the colours may come out incorrect. Only black soft-transfers are opaque enough on any background.

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- satin finish & opaque -

The D3000 transfer convinces with an extremely soft, textile touch and a satin finish, a sporty yet elegant look. Due to its high opacity it is perfectly suited for dark and light textiles. It can be applied on cotton and mixed fabrics, gently on the textile. Another feature is its high elasticity.

The D3000-transfer is suitable for all backgrounds (light, coloured or dark, cotton and mixed fabrics).

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- no dye sublimation -

The sublistop-transfer offers a perfect degree of opacity on all coloured textiles and meets the highest demands regarding colour-fastness and durability. In particular with white transfers
on sportswear made of polyester or with a polyester content the dye particles of the fabric may penetrate into the transfer during the printing process or after some time. When producing a sublistop transfer, a silver running blockade is put in a multi-layer procedure between the glue and the layer of dye, which prevents the dye of the fabric from running into the transfer.

The sublistop transfer is colour-fast, hard-wearing and durable, it is suitable for bright coloured T-shirts, jerseys, running and cycling shirts, but not for softshell.

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Transfert Photo

- photo realistic -

Photo-transfers are produced in 4-colour screen printing. In this way, photos can be transferred faithfully up to 60s grid on textiles. You will get an elastic and durable surface, perfect opacity and a soft touch. Photo-transfers have a high colour brilliance and reproduce photos and images true to the original.

Suitable for cotton and cotton mix.

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Waterbased transfert

- high opacity -

The Waterbased transfer offers high elasticity and perfect opacity with a soft touch and a velvety surface. Due to its high degree of opacity, it is ideal for light and dark backgrounds. It can be applied gently on the textile- on cotton and cotton mix. It is durable and hard-wearing.

Waterbased transfers are suitable for all backgrounds (light, coloured or dark, cotton or cotton mix). They are available in black and white (special colours on request for a minimum quantity of 500 pcs.). On request they can be used for polyester.

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Washing and care instructions

The washing and care instructions as shown on the label of the printed textile are to be followed. With a printed textile they are restricted as follows: Washing without bleaching agent, if possible inside out, at 40°C. A transfer can be ironed on carefully at a temperature of up to 120°C. A transfer-conserving method is covering the transfer with a damp cloth while ironing it or by ironing it inside out. Dry-cleaning is possible with several cleaning agents. It is advisable to carry out tests before. Avoid tumble-drying or tumble-dry the textile inside out at a low temperature.